The fee for legal service can be agreed between the lawyer and his client, i.e. for example by hourly rates or by a lump sum fee for a compact legal service (containing more legal acts).

In case that the parties have not agreed in advance the price for performed legal services, the fee is stated in accordance with regulation of the Ministry of Justice No. 177/1996 Sb. of 4th June 1996, providing for fees and remuneration of lawyers for their provision of legal services (the lawyer’s tariff), as amended, that obligatory establishes a particular height of fee for a definite kind of legal acts.

For more detail please see the above mentioned regulation. For an up to date Czech version please see this link

I do charge for the above mentioned fees the value added tax (VAT).

A client with a status of consumer has a possibility to use mediation procedure in case of dispute with the attorney according the Code on the Protection of the Consumer no. 364/1992 Coll., in valid version, in front of the authorized subject - Czech Bar Association.